SneakPeek Early Gender Test

SneakPeek Early Gender Test

Friday, June 19, 2015

SneakPeek's Tips For Raising A Happy Baby

Between morning sickness, choosing baby names, setting up the nursery and labor (ouch!), you’ve already done a lot of hard work. But the real job of raising a happy baby has only just begun.
There’s no perfect way to raise a healthy, happy child, but these tips may help guide you as you start your parenting journey.
Get emotional. Your baby will let you know how she’s feeling with her non-verbal cues like tears, smiles and coos. It won’t be long before you’re in sync with her emotions. Do the same for her by letting her see and hear your feelings.

Have fun. Connecting with your baby means playing with her. She can hear the playfulness in your voice when you sing her silly songs or show her how to do patty-cake.
Help your baby master skills. Think your baby is too little to learn? Think again! As your infant grows, he will acquire an astonishing skill set. Help him master these milestones. Grown-ups aren’t the only ones who benefit from a feeling of accomplishment.
Create healthy habits. Exercise, a healthy diet, and yes, sleep, are the trinity of childhood happiness. A routine that includes a predictable bedtime, a menu of fruits and veggies, and a lot of physical activity means a happy baby.
Let your baby get mad. The happiest people around are those who know how to get mad—and get over it. Don’t rush to fix everything for your baby. Of course, if he is in danger, swoop in to the rescue. But raising a resilient child means raising a happy child.

Be a role model. If Mama ain’t happy, ain’t no one happy. The best way to ensure a happy child is to show her what it looks like to live a life full of contentment. We know that you can’t be happy all the time, but modeling a positive attitude toward life’s twists and turns means everyone is happy!

Thursday, June 18, 2015

SneakPeek Early Gender Test // Gender Reveal Party Ideas

Why have one party when you can have two? The traditional baby shower is a fun event for expecting parents to gather with friends and family prior to the baby's arrival. More recently another baby bash is making a name for itself: gender reveal parties. These parties usually occur more so in the beginning of the pregnancy and are a great way for parents to announce the gender of their baby! Much like baby showers they may include games, gifts, and of course tons of yummy food! Finding out the gender of your baby is a gift in itself and as happy as you were to find out, your family is sure to be just as excited! Here are some ideas to make your gender reveal party the sweetest celebration of the year!

#1 Pick Teams

Here’s what’s hot! Themes, games, favors, and posting on Pinterest are all the rage. Have your guests pick Team Pink or Team Blue and come dressed with those colors to the party. Use fake mustaches for the boys’ team and paper lips for the girls’ team to hold up. Don’t forget to take hilarious photos to post!

#2 Bite Into A Cupcake

Even surprise yourself! Have someone seal the gender in an envelope and have your favorite bakery fill with the appropriate filling inside a cake or cupcakes. “It was a blast when we bit into the cupcake and had no idea what was inside!”

#3 Break Open A Piñata

Fill it with blue or pink M&M’s, Gummy bears and all kinds of color matched candy and confetti. You, your husband or even another child can break open the piñata!

#4 Balloons In A Box

Decorate a big box and fill it with helium balloons. “When we broke it open… They rose out everyone screamed with excitement!”

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

SneakPeek Early Gender Test Gives You A Head Start!

Congrats! It's official, you're pregnant! Now that the initial shock has worn off that you truly are expecting, you start realizing everything you need to get done before the baby arrives. What color should you paint the nursery? Or name him/her? Questions that are difficult to answer without knowing the gender of your baby. Well, now expecting parents can find out earlier than ever before! SneakPeek gives you the ability to manage your pregnancy with the unique benefit of knowing the gender of your baby early on. Planning ahead has never been easier!